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With Menu and Placemat choices aplenty –
keep your patrons coming back for more!

MG Print | Menus and Placemats any way you want them

Menus and placemats are the perfect place
to showcase your deals, designs and brand identity
along with your great food!

Whether you’re a restaurant, cafe, diner – or even a hot dog stand – we’ve got a variety of stocks, finishes and folds available, perfect for any occasion or requirement.
•Any size
•Any configuration
•Custom die-cut also available

If you’re looking to showcase your dishes in fabulous 4-colour, or you want a take-home menu handy for late-night ordering, MG can help.

No matter the size, shape or format, we can help you with the design, message and material to fit your brand and your budget.

Call MG for a solution that works for you.

MG Print Customizable single-use placemat menu

Keep things safer with
single-use placemat menus

Single-use disposable placemat menus are versatile, help showcase your offerings, and can keep the kids busy all while adhering to strict hygiene protocols.

And with MG’s customizable menus, you can create a whole series of different placemats, changing out sections for lunch or dinner service, or using different graphics – including puzzles, trivia, games, and more – in order to create as many varieties as you wish.

Call MG for more information on this versatile solution.

MG Print Covid-19 | lamination helps in the battle


Did you know?
Printed graphics – like menus and placemats – can be cleaned if they are laminated properly.

•A film overlap around the edge creates a durable finished product, and will achieve a waterproof seal.
•The sealed edge is key to being able to clean and sanitize your graphics using any non-abrasive multi-surface cleaner.
•Any product which is handled extensively – like a menu or placemat – will benefit from an encapsulation finish.

Call MG for more on how this can work for you.

Not sure what will work best for you?
Give us a call at 905-624-7277