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Professionally finish, enhance and protect your next project

Our finishing services include lamination, UV coat, blind emboss, foil stamp, folding and so much more – seal the deal on a quality presentation from start to finish.


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•Thermography (Raised Ink)

Used at the end of the printing process, thermography combines a polymer powder with heat to raise the wet ink. This method is commonly used in “raised” business cards.


With the use of heat, pressure and a die this process indents an image onto paper.


Emboss printing is used on premium business cards, custom letterhead and presentation folders.

This process uses a combination of heat and pressure on paper or card stock.

Register embossing uses ink while blind embossing does not. Add a foil finish for an elegant look.

•Foil Stamping

Foil film in colour or metallic (silver, gold or copper) is used with a heated die to stamp a design onto paper. Combined with an embossing die, foil stamping gives your paper an elegant touch.

*Tip: Silver and gold foil are the most popular colours. With a higher quantity run, you may choose from a huge variety of colours.


Lamination is the process of applying a film of plastic on the surface of paper or card stock.

It is used to protect the sheet from fingerprints, humidity, spills and other damage. Lamination increases the durability and lifespan of items such as menus, identification cards and instruction sheets.

3 mil is the most common size used for lamination, but it is also available in .5 mil, 5 mil and 10 mil.

•Aqueous coating

Water-based and environmentally friendly, aqueous coating has excellent hold-out, does not easily crack, scuff or seep into the press sheet. Comes in gloss or satin.

Aqueous coatings cannot be localized, as the method involves “flooding” the piece at the delivery end of the press.


Count on us to keep your cheques, forms and other documents in order with printed numbers.


Whether personalized for individual/ household use or branded with your company logo and contact info, scratch pads always come in handy.
Choose the size, sheet count and quantity of pads that you need. Common sheet counts are 25 and 50, and common pad sizes are:
  • 3.5” x 8.5”
  • 4 1/4” x 5 1/2”
  • 8 1/2” x 11”

•UV coating

Glossy or dull, UV coating can be used as a spot covering to accent a particular image or “flooded” over the whole sheet.

A clear liquid is spread over the paper like ink and cured instantly with ultraviolet light. UV coating gives more protection and sheen than either varnish or aqueous coating.

Since it is cured with light and not heat, no solvents enter the atmosphere. However, it is more difficult to recycle than the other coatings.

Keep in mind that as this coating is thick, it may crack when scored or folded.


This is essentially ink without pigment. Glossy, dull or satin, this coating can be tinted by adding pigment to the varnish.

From an artistic standpoint, you can play a dull-varnished portion of the sheet against a glossy one or one without varnish. This contrast can give emphasis to certain areas and/or give the impression of depth.

•Cerlox Binding

A simple and versatile method to bind any document using a die to punch holes and a plastic comb to hold the pages together. Sizes range from 1/4″ to 2″.


Done by hand or by machine, collating your documents keeps them sorted and in order.


Die-cutting is used to cut out shapes, perforate and score. The process can be used to create presentation folders, stickers, labels, hang tags, tickets and more.


This process punches holes into paper and other materials.

Choose the size from one of our punches and let us know the placement and number of holes that you need.


•Folding and Scoring

There are many folding and scoring options from which to choose. Discuss your project with us and we’ll help you select the right folding option for the job.

For three-fold or tri-fold brochures or letters look at ‘A’ and ‘L’.

A – Accordion fold
D – Double parallel
R – Roll fold
G – Gate fold
L – Letter fold or six-page standard or leaflet
E – Eight-page broadside or eight-page signature
F – Single fold


Need to assemble all the bits and pieces of your project? We can help sort, order and package it all up into neat kits.

•Perfect Binding

Used for manuals, soft-cover books and other products, perfect binding uses an adhesive keep pages together.

•Spiral Binding

With the use of punching and a plastic coil, spiral binding is a popular and durable form of binding.

Spiral-bound books can open a full 360 degrees and easily lay flat or folded in half for added convenience.

Spiral binding comes in a variety of colours and in sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 1 7/32″. Note that some colours and sizes may require a minimum order.

Spiral Binding

•Stitching or Stapling

These processes both involve assembling a booklet or copies from a number of folded or unfolded sheets of paper.

•Transfer Taping

This two-sided adhesive strip is also known as transfer taping. It has a wide variety of uses such as sticking inventory cards to shelves or adhering pockets to the inside of book covers.

Choose removable or permanent adhesive depending on your application.

•Wire-O Binding

This is a double loop permanent binding, allowing your book to lay flat. Wire-O sizes range from 3/16″ to 1″ and come in a variety of colours.

Specialty printing and die-cutting techniques, coatings and special finishes –
MG does it all.

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