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Whether you’re looking for social distancing floor stickers, single-use or easily sanitized items, hygiene decals, informational posters, or more…

Business NEEDS flexible solutions –
•laminated items that allow for easy cleaning
•single-use products that can remain with the client
•social distancing floor graphics and traffic pattern decals
•labels for public areas and products
•informational posters and apparel, and more.

MG Print Covid-19 Custom Placemat Menus

Placemats and Menus

Single use placemat menus can be customized to create different versions! And items laminated with a sealed edge can be cleaned and sanitized.

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MG Print Covid-19 social distancing tools

Distancing Floor Graphics,
Signage, and Banners

Removable, long-lasting vinyl floor graphics. Signage and banners that communicate and stand out.

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MG Print Covid-19 decals labels stickers

Decals, Labels, and Stickers

Stickers and decals that can be removable, or permanent. Use on products or throughout your location.

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MG Print Covid-19 face shield visor protective equipment

Face Shields

Clear face shields to protect health care providers, essential services workers, and consumers.

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MG Print Covid-19 apparel


Informative, eye-catching and helping make our communities safer and healthier.

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MG Print Covid-19 we're open tools

Open for Business

Signs and banners announcing that you're open. Single use flyers, and info sheets. Any information in almost any format.

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Don’t see what you need?
Looking for custom graphics?

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