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Boost your business presence with MG Print promotional products

Back to Business

Holidays are wonderful, giving us time to enjoy friends, family and hopefully some fun!
Now that they’re over, we can re-energize and really focus on getting back to business.

Flyers, emails and more all work well, but let’s consider some alternate options on getting – and keeping – your message out to your clients.

Give clients a free gift
Useful promotional items, branded with your information – like pens, bags, cups, memo pads and more – is a great way to share your message with your client while giving them something that makes them feel appreciated.

Promote with postcards
Boost your message at physical locations that you couldn’t otherwise reach with social or email marketing. Postcards are extremely versatile – they can be response or marketing cards, promote events, new products or features, or even just carry a simple graphic.

Put out some signage
Wide format, banner stands, lawn signs and more, can pack a lot of visual impact, catching the attention of your audience every time they’re in the neighbourhood, letting them know what you have to offer.

Reusable handy items
Notepads and magnets pack a lot of punch and are great for keeping your message right in front of your audience in a really handy way. Items like these can be a great tool for both your clients and your business!

Whether you need great printing, great design or great marketing and promotional items, MG Print is here to help.

Get in touch with us for any of the above items – flyers too! We’re pros when it comes to helping you spread your message.