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It’s our once-a-year sale on Holiday Cards

Plan early to get your 2017 Holiday Greetings Collection cards

•50% off – only until Noon, Friday November 17th   >>  BEST DEAL
•33% off November 18 to Dec 8th
•Full price after December 9th

Mississauga printer special offer on holiday card collection | 50% off only until November 17th

Each card includes FREE:
•Personalization in foil or choice of four ink designs, depending on design
•Standard verse inside the card (verse customization available)
•Company logo inside the card
•Silver, gold or red foil-lined or unlined envelopes

Holiday cards are one of the best ways to build personal connections, featuring:
•Free personalization
•Envelope imprinting
•Logo and signature imprinting
•Self-seal envelopes

And we’ve got custom-printed calendars available too.
See below for information or read our blog article on their year-long promotional power.

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The time to order your 2018 calendars is now

Custom printed 2018 calendars | desk calendar | wall calendar | Mississauga printer | Multi Graphics Printing Toronto

Calendars are universally appealing and prominently display your business name, logo and contact information with every glance your customer takes – all year long.
•Show your clients you’re there for them, any day of the year.
•Let your top-tier prospects know that you’d love to create
  a mutually beneficial business relationship.
•Want to grow your business in an economical and effective manner?
  Calendars are the way to go.

A relatively modest investment in a custom calendar spotlights your brand and keeps you front-of-mind for a full 12 months, if not longer. When you break down the cost over that amount of time, the price is economical and the investment is long-lasting.

Fully customizable, multiple formats:
•Desktop, large and small “wall” poster styles available

To learn more about how you can customize a calendar to work for you and your clients,
read our blog post here.

With the new year almost here,
get a 2018 calendar working for you before time runs out!

Order yours today at 905-624-7277

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