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MG has full colour impact that sticks around!

MG Print decals labels stickers

Decals, labels and stickers are great
for a variety of packaging and promotional needs

Featuring a permanent adhesive that sticks well to many different surfaces – they can be used as content labels, print labels, packaging seals, and more.

Use on:
•Food and Beverage Packaging
•Promotional Packaging
•Informational Labels on Bottles, Jars, Boxes, etc.
•Branding/Retail Labeling
•Health and Beauty Product Labels

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With multiple categories to choose from, these removable vinyl decals help you communicate – whether it’s for good hygiene practices, social distancing, or important information.
Please see below for more.

1. Health & Hygiene Decals
These removable vinyl decals help your clients communicate good hygiene practices.

MG Print Covid-19 health and hygiene labels and stickers
Rectangular stickers: 8″x10″ or 5″x7″
Stop sign: 8″x8″
Round: 2″


2. Food & Delivery Decals
These vinyl sticker decals are perfect for takeout containers, food packaging, and more.

MG Print Covid-19 Food & Delivery Decals
Round: 2″ diameter

3. Table Decals
Table decals serve as signage to protect the health and safety of customers.

MG Print Covid-19 Table Decals
Rectangular stickers: 5″h x 7″w

4. Social Distancing Decals
These removable, vinyl decal stickers provide reminders and instructions for social distancing.

MG Print Covid-19 social distancing decals and signs
Rectangular stickers: 10″x14″ or 7″x10″

All Decals:

•Temporary, Removable 4mil Vinyl
Your clients can apply decals during the outbreak and remove them once it is over.

•Indoor and Outdoor Use
These removable vinyl stickers can be applied to both indoor and outdoor surfaces. They’ll stick in rain or shine.

•Promote Healthy Practices
You can help your clients reduce the spread of COVID-19 with decal printing. Print hand washing stickers, cover your cough poster decals, and more.

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