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Customize Your Branding

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One of our hot promotional items this season (50% off our 2016 Holiday Greetings Collection* cards and calendars) has garnered quite some interest, along with additional questions about spending your marketing dollars right when customizing your own promotional pieces.

Using branded pieces – calendars, pens, note pads, magnets, holiday cards and more – is a great way to keep your company or service information front-and-centre, as well as letting your customers know you appreciate them. Branded items help promote your image, promote goodwill, and reinforce your marketing.

They can help stretch your marketing dollars further, which is a real bonus in a tough economy, and repeated use items (like pens, calendars or pads), showcase your information over and over again, boosting the value of promotional dollars spent, helping generate sales leads and increase interest.

Clients also appreciate a piece that is appealing and functional for them – like mugs, travel cups, or equipment bags. They tend to hold onto such items for longer, increasing exposure and that feeling of good will, giving them a reason to keep your company top-of-mind when their own spending dollars come up for allocation.

A Smart Idea
Keeping in touch with your clientele, and keeping your brand top-of-mind, is always a smart idea. Focus on your target and what you want to promote, so that each piece is a win-win – useful for your client and an ongoing marketing piece for you.

The Bottom Line
Promotional items are a cost-effective way of marketing your company to a large audience, enhancing brand recognition and building customer relationships, while doing minimal work. What’s not to love about that?

With the holiday season almost upon us, cards and calendars are a great way to spread your message to clients you appreciate. And at any time of year, to see some of what MG can help you achieve, please check visit our promotional products page for lots of great ideas.